Saint Simon Stock-COMPLETED!

2195 Valentine Avenue, Bronx, NY 10457

Since 1928, St. Simon Stock School has been preparing its students to become responsible, educated and successful citizens of the Bronx and beyond. From the halls of premier high schools, elite colleges, the best and most competitive Civil Service careers, to the pulpits of the Catholic Church, our students take their St. Simon Stock experience into the greater world to: Learn. Lead. Inspire. They assume leadership roles in every form of human endeavor. At St. Simon, children in grades UPK through 8th experience a well rounded academic and spiritual education filled with hands on enrichment programs and specialized attention from their certified staff.

About this project

The building’s existing lighting fixtures are called “T12” lamps and consume large amounts of electricity. Replacement lamps called “T8” lamps are recommended as they reduce electricity consumption as well as improve interior lighting due to T8’s higher color rendering index (CRI).

In some areas the lighting is left on unnecessarily. Many times this is due to the idea that it is better to keep the lights on rather than to continuously switch them on and off. Although this does reduce the lamp life, the energy savings from switching off the lights when not in use far outweigh the lamp replacement costs.

Lighting controls can take several forms: an additional switch, a wind-up timer, and a timeclock, which allows the user to set an on/off schedule, occupancy sensors that detect motion and will switch the lights on when the room is occupied, are a few examples.

What we’re installing

  • T8 Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Lighting Controls

Who is installing?

Saint Simon Stock’s Facilities Staff

Project timeline

  • Fall 2015

Why Invest?


Social Impact

Retrofits will help reduce energy costs so that school funds can go towards providing Bronx children with a well rounded education.


Health Impact

The retrofits suggested have minimal benefits to occupants’ health.


Environmental Impact

This project helps to reduce the School’s carbon footprint by reducing electricity consumption by over 6000 kWh.


Financial Impact

The proposed lighting retrofits will result in an estimated 2.7% savings for the School and 4.3% for the Rectory.


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