Preserving The World's Second Largest Rainforest

Virunga, Democratic Republic Of The Congo

The world's second largest rainforest is at extreme risk. Devastating civil wars erupt across the Democratic Republic of the Congo every four years. In addition to the the loss of life, each war takes an extraordinary toll on the the Virunga rainforest, as rebel armies seek to use the rainforest as a strategic battleground, endangering trees and mountain gorillas.

It is 100% imperative to reducing global climate change that the Virunga rain forest region is preserved as a place where trees recycle carbon dioxide.

The Virunga team has built a hydroelectric plant to provide clean energy and electricity to the region, in the belief that economic development of local small businesses in the agricultural industry will drive peace.

Join the Virunga team in extending loans and donations to one of the world's most important conflict regions.

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About this project

What we’re installing

  • Advising on Smart Meter, Connectivity and Fintech Software Layer

Who is installing?

The Virunga Team, led by Emmanuel, Ephrem, and Sandrine, are working to install two waves of smart meters, which will allow them to extend loans to local agro-businesses who are accessing electricity for the first time.

Project timeline

  • Smart meter installations have already begun!Virunga will install Landis and Gyr smart meters to serve as their electric billing and on electric bill financing mechanism

Why Invest?

Invest to help bring eocnomic and environmental prosperity to one of the world's most important regions.


Social Impact

Bringing economic stability and clean energy to a war torn region has huge social impact across all of Congolese society!


Health Impact

This project provides hyro-electric electricity to remote rural communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The health impacts of clean electricity are astounding!


Environmental Impact

We cannot halt the pace of climate change without preserving the world's second largest rainforest.


Financial Impact

Because of intermittent civil war, there are risks of economic shocks to this project, and all borrowers.

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