CASE STUDY: New Mt. Zion Baptist Church - Completed Project

171 West 140th St., New York, NY 10030

2017 UPDATE:

The New Mount Zion Church project demonstrates how BlocPower’s engineering and financing platform effectively addresses energy problems in financially underserved communities.

In 2015, the New Mount Zion Church was in desperate need of an energy retrofit. The boiler was running improperly and inefficiently, the rooftop units were worn out, and the building was no longer insulating heat effectively. To address these problems, BlocPower engineers created an energy efficiency retrofit plan that would reduce their annual utility bills by approximately 20% and improve their energy operations. Because the church lacked financial capital to cover the costs of the retrofits, they took advantage of the BlocPower Marketplace.

Through the Marketplace platform, the church was able to qualify for $47,000 in energy debt capital to be paid back over 10 years at a 2.5% interest rate. They used this capital to cover the cost of weather stripping, window frame repairs, new steam pipes, and upgraded boiler controls. Their loan debt is currently being paid back through an “on-bill recovery” mechanism, which adds their loan debt to their monthly utility bills.

In the four months since the retrofit was completed, New Mount Zion has averaged $486.61 per month in savings with monthly debt service costs of $460.07. This represents a net savings of $26.54 per month for the duration of the loan. Once the loan is paid off, they will benefit from hundreds of dollars in net savings per month. In addition, the church is saving 1.02 metric tons of CO2 emissions each month.

Like BlocPower’s other projects, the New Mount Zion Church is benefitting from a positive net savings on their utility bills (including debt service) and is enjoying improved comfort in their building.

About this project

The church is launching energy conservation measures starting with upgrading their heating system. New Mt. Zion Baptist Church has a two-pipe steam heating system and a No. 2 oil-burning boiler that is over 20 years old. Both the boiler and piping are old and rusty, which dramatically bring down the efficiency of the system.Their cold steam system can not provide adequate heat in the winter due an old, inefficient boiler. This project will resolve these heating issues by upgrading the boiler to a Weil McLain Commercial boiler. The new heating system will be more energy efficient, and distribute heat more evenly to the church and improve the thermal comfort level for all occupants. The goal of this project is to replace the existing boiler with an up-to-date commercial boiler, as well as equip the system with modern HVAC controls.

The New Mount Zion Baptist Church is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, thriving congregation of believers committed to answering God’s call through evangelism, teaching, preaching, social action, and community outreach. They are committed to building discipleship and Cultivating the Christ in Christians. New Mt. Zion Baptist church has been serving the Harlem community since 1918 and now has more than 1,100 members.

The church has carefully maintained its historical aesthetic look for almost a hundred years. Nowadays, the church is seeking for renovations to accommodate itself to the change of the world as well as set itself as an example for the community.

What we’re installing

  • Weil McLain Commercial steam boiler
  • Wireless thermostat with multiple sensors

Who is installing?

Precision Combustion

Project timeline

  • October 2015 to March 2016

Why Invest?


Social Impact

The church sets itself an example to the community as a pioneer for energy efficiency


Health Impact

This project aims at improving the comfort level of the occupants thus, preserving good health and well-being.


Environmental Impact

The new boiler burns less fuel while providing the church the same amount of heat at a better quality. In addition, less greenhouse gas will be emitted as a result of this ECM.


Financial Impact

This project brings down the fuel consumption by 20%.


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