Fordham United Methodist Church COMPLETED!

2543 Marion Avenue, Bronx, NY 10458

Fordham United Methodist Church (Fordham UMC) is a multi-ethnic parish that has been a cornerstone of the Bronx community for over 150 years. The church’s motto is “A beacon of light in the Bronx and beyond.” Staying true to this belief, the church aims to lead in energy efficiency across the Bronx. At Fordham UMC we provide an environment where people grow spiritually, develop an essential Christian character, experience the transforming grace of God, deepen their relationship with God, and become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our deep commitment to community outreach includes support for Part of the Solution, a Bronx-based support organization that provides food and clothing to the needy, and the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, and many other community improvement centered organizations. Our church also has its own community support programs, such as the community garden that it maintains.

About this project

Heating: The church is heated using a hot water (hydronic) boiler and a steam boiler, both powered by heating oil. Our heating system will be upgraded with new boilers that burn lower cost and lower polluting natural gas.

System Controls: The broken system that controls our building heating and cooling units will be replaced with a smart energy management system.

Lighting: The church has traditional incandescent light bulbs, along with older fluorescent lights throughout the building. These lights consume large amounts of electricity, increasing our utility costs. We will replace these lights with an LED lighting system that is significantly more cost-effective and energy efficient.

What we’re installing

  • Gas-fired Modulating Hydronic Boilers
  • New Steam Boiler
  • Smart Circulating Zone Pumps
  • Zone Panel
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Boiler Control System
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves
  • Wireless Indoor Temperature Sensors

Who is installing?

Bronx-based Dual Fuel (, The Vorea Group from Brooklyn (, and Willdan from Manhattan ( will be the contractors for this retrofit.

Project timeline

  • August 2018Upgrade Gas Meter
  • August 2018Remove Existing Boiler
  • August 2018Install New Efficient Boilers
  • August 2018Install Upgraded Piping and Ventilation

Why Invest?

Thank you for your investment!

Your loan or donation has contributed to Fordham's ability to improve in the following areas:

Health: Achieving desired comfort levels inside the church, preserving good health and well being for our community.

Financial: Reducing heating and electricity costs, savings $24,000 annually.

Environmental: This project reduces annual carbon dioxide emissions by 33,000 pounds per year.

Social Impact: Helping the church save money on energy costs and investing those savings back into the community be increasing the socials services they provide across the Bronx.


Social Impact

This project helps our church save on energy costs and invest those savings back into the community by increasing the social services we provide across the Bronx. Project installation was completed by a local company that hires hard to employ populations.


Health Impact

This project improves the comfort level inside the church, preserving good health and well-being for our community.


Environmental Impact

This project reduces annual carbon dioxide emissions by 33,000 pounds.


Financial Impact

This project reduces our heating and electricity costs, saving us over $24,000 each year.


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