BlocPower is proud to be the lead contractor on Community Retrofit NYC, a free city program that helps small co-ops, condos and other 5-50 unit multi-family dwellings in central Brooklyn and southern Queens save energy. To find out how Community Retrofit can help, fill out this form, or call (347) 762-4792.

Community Retrofit NYC provides free educational, engineering, financial, and construction management advisory services to building owners, building operators, and community residents to help simplify the energy and water efficiency retrofit process.

Community Retrofit NYC’s team of building experts can help:

  • Identify and select energy and water upgrade projects
  • Apply for financing and incentive options, including the City’s Green Housing Preservation Program
  • Assist with the selection of contractors and service providers
  • Connect building staff with training opportunities

Learn more here or call (347) 762-4792.


BlocPower’s engineers measuring a rooftop in Brooklyn for solar panels.


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