BlocPower’s engineers recently asked the question: What tools exist that enable us to quickly apply different machine learning techniques to the data we collected when conducting energy audits of 300 buildings?  And how can we use this tool to predict all of New York City’s energy consumption? Read on to learn how we partnered with IBM for the answer.

Using the IBM Data Science Experience we were able to extrapolate information from our 300-building sample size, and identify the variables that could help us predict the entire city’s energy consumption.

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To help building owners benefit from our predictive energy consumption model, BlocPower’s technology team transformed the model into BlocMaps. Our 3-D map tool lets building owners claim their building, benchmark energy consumption of their building, and learn about energy savings opportunities.


Now we are installing Internet of Things and sensors to measure thermal comfort and indoor air quality for our clients. This allows us to connect the physical world and the digital world.  Want to know how we do it? Watch our Chief Engineering Officer, Tooraj Arvajeh, present at the IBM Machine Learning Launch Event in New York City on February 15, 2017. Watch the full video here.


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