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BlocPower’s mission is to Build a Better World: more efficient, lower carbon, healthier, smarter, greener.  

Buildings account for around 40% of US energy consumption.   Small and medium sized buildings overconsume energy per square foot because they do not usually have the capital and technical expertise to access high efficiency equipment for their buildings. High efficiency heating and cooling systems that lower energy costs and carbon emissions need to be designed and maintained by  qualified building engineers.   It is not possible to significantly lower US CO2 emissions without “retrofitting” and upgrading systems in all of America’s underserved buildings.

If every American was given an electric vehicle tomorrow, the climate impact would still not equal the carbon emissions reductions of retrofitting America’s underserved buildings.  But building retrofits, while incredibly important, are extremely difficult to organize–especially projects in financially disadvantaged communities, where buildings are poorly maintained and overconsume the most energy.  

BlocPower aims to change all of that.  Here’s how:


1)Identify and Assess Buildings

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BlocPower works with community leaders and institutions to identify  local buildings (non-profits, houses of worship, schools, small businesses or multi-family residences) with high energy usage in financially underserved communities.


2) Financial Analysis

BlocPower performs a rigorous analysis of the financial strength of each customer, to establish the likelihood that customers will pay their energy bill over time.


3) Engineering Analysis


BlocPower’s experienced engineers perform a comprehensive energy audit of each property to determine the correct mix of high efficiency technology that will reduce each customer’s energy consumption.


4) Financing

Investors and community members concerned about climate change,  job creation, health outcomes and community development can invest in clean energy projects on BlocPower’s online platform.


5) Repayment


BlocPower repays retrofit project investors using utility bill savings generated by the solar and energy efficiency retrofits.


6) Job Creation

BlocPower creates jobs for local underemployed workers from vulnerable populations. Each worker must graduate from a rigorous, third party-certified green jobs training program at the top of their class.


Watch Founder & CEO Donnel Baird talk about the inspiration behind BlocPower:


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